Things, ideas, etc..these are just things i've written in my notes over time...from times as lost and saved...not in order.

How do you claim to know if you've never really searched? Keep consuming MSM! keep using the algorithm to feed your thoughts! i do sympathize though, for it is nearly impossible to find truth online. the computers feed you exactly what they want you to think. when they feed you an opposing opinion, it comes out of the mouth of someone or something very stupid, therefore validating your MSM generated presupposition.

you can go based off modern *logic* and *science* but these things only get you so far. not everything is explained by hard science. not everything is logical. the world extends much beyond what many would consider to *make sense*. when you realize the most powerful people in the world (above any world leader in the spotlight) use astrology, gematria, bible prophecy, magic, unlock something worth while.

They've turned us into rudimentary sex fiends so we never find real love. craving that dopamine!! sex, drugs, more liquor and coffee, please!! anything to take me away from this reality, all the time!

How many of you, for years, obsessed to find the answer to these questions (and i mean TRULY obsessed!):
-what is reality
-what do I want out of reality
-how do I make it happen
How many of you are willing to sacrifice everything for the pursuit of what you desire? How many of you sit back and hope others do it for you? Seriously! Look at yourself! You are likely pathetic with almost 0 understanding of the world! Simply taking in the narratives that are fed to you! it is pretty pathetic! I am also pathetic, but I admit it quite often!! I'm sure you do too, but do you willingly change?? not so easy!!

wow dude. it just gets deeper. the law of one is likely luciferian. conspiracy theorists are likely luciferian. alex jones, george maxwell, david icke...all tell *truth* but among truth are lies and deception greater than we could imagine. the idea that we are all God is luciferian. they tell you Jesus is the Sun which He is not. they want you to fight against the fake NWO in order to usher in the real NWO. remember, Lucifer = light, but it is a false light, a light in front of darkness! When they show you the light, think about that really hard! look into Gnosticism, and how it arose almost immediately after the new testament was written...

USA is a corporation, the president is the pres of a company. birth certificate is proof of a product. you are property of the company.

Capitalism vs Communism, a big joke
They are both based on a monetary system! both are materialist! A monetary system implies greed, deception, scarcity, limited resources, and power structures. All a lie!
Capitalism: based on a monetary system bringing greed and scarcity, invoking voluntary slavery...
yes capitalism womps we just need more government please! just give me more of what I dont like! blue tie tho! please save me mr blue tie! haha
Communism: based on a monetary system bringing greed and scarcity, invoking involuntary slavery...
Imagine thinking a *better* government will solve your problems! The system is designed for you to fail! Unless you figure it out!! can you imagine tearing down whole cities and rebuilding back to our roots? uprooting whole governments? real change towards a pure society takes an effort greater than humanly possible...but for real. there is apparently 37 billion acres of land. lots uninhabitable I'm sure but it is probably not a stretch to imagine a world where everyone can have their own plot of land...maybe in a city state or something like that...then, what do these people do with their land? purify water, grow food, create goods and services, trade what you create or simply share. no money is necessary. do you need the super abstract 9-5 401k RRSP driving an insanity machine on wheels, spending time on an led screen of cancer, eating poison, consuming poison, disconnected from God??? and much more??? or do you want a simple life where you just live in abundance and peace with many blessings from the Lord. if so...that earth is coming in the millennial kingdom...

Us vs. them mentality is on purpose! Those in power want us divided! Ever heard the term "Divide and conquer!"???
right vs left, red vs blue, black vs white...all meant to wear us down, break us up, keep us distracted...when will you learn to stop playing their game???

Brainwave frequency and elevating consciousness
We live in the third dimension
There is great evidence that there is more
The CIA has released documents supporting the simulation theory and higher dimensions
CIA Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process
For time to exist…the frequencies of the universe need a limit. i.e time needs a starting point…Aristotle knew this with his idea of the Unmoved Mover.
But what if our consciousness can step outside this *limit*, also known at the Planck limit?
It can!
Through high levels of mediation
DMT/high dose psilocybin
Through dreaming
Potential audio methods (used by the CIA)
These open your third eye! This is what the Luciferians want, and do themselves. The End goal, whoever survives, will be enlightened as their own god! luciferian! the age of aquarius is coming! pretty funny though considering they only get to maybe a 5d level with these methods, absolutely pins compared to the infinite God.

The amount of hoops we have to jump through is ridiculous! Seriously! Imagine having a restaurant and having to APPLY to a BOARD to serve LIQUOR!? Imagine having to jump through hoop after hoop to do a job you could learn on the spot???!!?? All a money grab!!! All meant to make it hard!! To wear you down!!! To make you give up!! Onto UBI you go!!

The middle class will disappear
You will be left with nothing other than to mine crypto with your body's energy!! See this beautifully scary Microsoft patent here, patent 666 btw: Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data
They want you to be their slave until they have no use for you
Drain you of your vital energies and then throw you to the curb! Unless you're worthy, of course
They want the world for themselves
Do not take the mark in the future if you dont get caught up before
do not take the vaccine now! id2020 is coming. your dna will continue to be manipulated. they will fuse you with ai and make you part of the hive mind. we are already brainwashed, they are simply taking it a step further.
It may look like you have no choice, you do
There are people out there that will want to help you!
Listen to David Goldberg, they killed him for speaking out! David Goldberg's Final Message
You are likely living a lie! I lived it for years
Everything they make for you to eat is meant to give you disease
Every water you drink is tainted with inorganic material
The news, the media, is all meant to conform your thoughts to their narrative
keep you sick, drain you of energy, and toss you to the curb
They control both sides!
CNN, FOX are owned by the same people
they put you against eachother, arguing and fighting over things that don't matter, only to distract you from the reality that is upon us! maxiumum control! and maximum destruction! then usher in the light!
they literally want you dead dude! unless you are worthy!
keep arguing over mask vs no mask!
keep arguing over blm vs alm!
keep acting like your vote makes a difference!
the plans are in place
you cannot stop them
you can only separate yourself from the evil they push on you
i know it isn't easy
but you must understand
your whole life is a lie
we have the power to separate! if you read this, you might be one of the lucky ones! you are reading this for a reason!
what needs to be done in my mind so far:
live sustainably
grow all own food
create all own textiles and everything that we need to live.
no more buying/selling.
drink only water that has been distilled
get away from the cell towers
collect books and store them
store history and art
know Jesus and learn His message. try to live in accordance to Him.
im not sure if it is even possible. they will literally detain those who don't comply. but you bet i am going to try.

if we continue to talk about profit, scarcity, class, power, structure, relative wealth, equity, we are not close to what is truly important

Christianity is the new punk! Media trashes it! TV/Movies, make it look like a joke! The general public HATES listening to Christians! Why???
Brainwashing of course!! Satan/Lucifer have made it so Christianity is seen as a joke! If they're going in the lake of fire, they're going to take you with them!

Hard pill to swallow, the *Jewish* people who run the world created the "straight white male" enemy narrative because they know *we* are their biggest threat and they want to kill *us* the most. They put their white puppets in roles that support the narrative. White people still have it better than most, on purpose, but they do not run the world! *worshippers of the black cube who claim to be jewish.* All these jews in power are Satanist. They don't believe in Jehovah...they belive in Lucifer. Jews ran the slave trade....Jews exaggerated the Holocaust to make it so it is illegal to talk against it in some places. Seriously, what other conspiracy topic is illegal to talk about???

Vaccines are a business now, not like the good ol days when scientists genuinely wanted to help people! Modern medicine is messed up beyond belief! They clamp the umbillical cord at birth to prevent the stem cells from getting to us! They inject us with vaccines and vitamins not necessary, to mess up our immune systems and make us permenant customers! Sickening!

Those who have been alone their whole I have...know it is meant to be...for while you long to be are put on a path to affirm yourself first...(I tell myself behind the salt! lol)

One of my greatest breakthroughs was when I was 12, realizing colours could look completely different to all of us and we would still call them the same thing.

i hate to sound narcissstic, but i must write this down. the algorithm is funny. countless beautiful, intelligent women have literally been placed before me, making it easier than ever to make one *mine*...and yet certain forces push me away everytime. i used to ask, why? why? but I eventually learned why

If your life sucks...ask why...and what you can do...if you're depressed...instead of fixing your body (chemically)...fix your life first...but you need to want many of u sit at home, doing nothing, watching tv....i am the same but I still try to strive for more...and do bad do you really want it? are you going to let Them win?

The etymology of *meme*: the Ancient Greek μίμημα (mīmēma), meaning *that which is imitated*. A meme today is an idea imitated in the minds of many, connecting our consciousness together. As more and more people direct their energy towards certain ideas, the probability of these ideas becoming reality increases. Tldr meme magic is real.

All cruelty, we bring upon ourselves

Stepping on cooked rice sucks!

If you're all retweets are u a person?? Just feeding off the thoughts of others??

I knew at 19 I couldnt wear a paper face

Diagnoses are words. Words are words. Words words words. Never do words perfectly fit. They do not reach as far as the true feeling. So limited, our language.

What does my dog think when I take a huge bite and give him the tiniest piece...I'd be choked

Drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth sucks. But if you brush your teeth and wait maybe 25 minutes, and then drink oj, it tastes pretty good.

To all bald people, your head just needs more oxygen

Constantly, a thought looms over me...why....are chips so good?

Spent many years damaging my body soul spirit complex...working so *hard*to heal it...

The trait I love most about women..the ability to love others greater...and be less selfish

There is no program post undergrad that I can see as being *worth it* at the current age. And that is sad. Medical school is plagued by western medicine. Law school is sociopathic. Academia has turned away from insightful discussion.

Free will at 15: I'm going to eat a cookie right now. Free will exists! At 20: I just react react react! Stimulus and response! The behaviourists are right! I don't control anything I do! At 23: wow! It is really both! the life path algorithm is potential, but I make it actual! ya :)

Is it not impossible to be self made? Do we all not have others help us, rather indirectly or directly, along the way? Some just more than others?

The trees...conscious and alive...u ever notice? on shrooms i sure did

if you're going to chase material...Chase wealth over status, for if you get wealth you can get status if you wish, and you wont be faking it!

girls make the first move they just wont say the first words

And (to start a sentence) and I are ok in uni but not in grade school. I can use "and" twice in a sentence too...why is grade school so dumb

Starting a youtube channel in 2019 is like having a quarter life crisis

Consciousness allows us to see ourselves in third person and it's a bit much sometimes like whyyyyyy did those clowns adam and eve eat the apple I just wanna live like a lizard or something especially when u write a tweet and instead of being pure will u ponder and ponder even tho the pondering is pure will lol (which makes it more annoying) thank u for reading my run on sentence

Legalize all drugs, if a crack head wants to pook it then let them pook it as safe as they can

The most important thing the bible has said is to eat from the tree of life rather than the tree of good and evil...In other words ignorance is bliss...

What even is a week it could have been 5 days but we said nah make it 7 thx

TLC is fake u idiots

Existentialism is uncomfortable for too many. Why. Why. Why. Why would you rather swim in the kiddy pool than go to the Marianas trench

LinkedIn is faker than insta if ur on it for reals then ur not real to me

My experience in university was ok I learned a lot but realized a lot of it is controlled by ideology, pushing narratives and that makes me sad

Being lost and having no idea what to do with your life is cool cuz it forces u to either be weak and succumb to the darkness or to find a way to turn on a light. Being uncomfortable and lost is good! It teaches you to live!

UBI will come with a negative interest rate making you spend it right away...or else it depcreciates...aka you can't save...and will always be poor...

It's sick how one infinity can be bigger than another infinity

Imma pull a Socrates real quick and remind you that you likely know nothing. You don't even know if you know nothing or not! then Lewis comes along and goes ayylmao it's true but we still kinda know stuff if we dont examine it and I'm like ya fair enough m8

Intersectionality is obviously real but how it is portrayed rattles me a bit. People put almost all of their weight on only like three marginalizing factors: race, gender, and sexual orientation. Obviously they're huge players in the game (especially in racist/homophobic/sexist areas), but what about other factors such as attractiveness? Being hot is a huge advantage! Charisma? Intelligence? All of these traits give people advantages over in the end intersectionality leads to individuality...which is why you cant base someone's success or lack thereof on only a select few marginalizing factors. It is also why there are still a ton of poor unsuccessful white males (aka most MAGA people). The picture is much greater.

People be like love yourself dont be hard on yourself accept who you are. how can you be your best if you just accept that you suck? I hate myself because I know I'm better than this, and that is a good thing!

Instagram kills me. I try to resist it. I tell myself I dont care what everyone else is doing. It's all fake anyways. And self-absorbed. Yet somehow I still care. We all do! Why do we care so much? Why do we want to show that our life is somehow super amazing and interesting? I try to follow only those I have genuine interest for, yet I catch myself creeping on people who I have next to no connection to. Why are we like this? Why do we measure our own lives based on how other people live theirs? Smh

Male privilege exists. But so does female. not hard to figure out

did it ever occur to people that men and women enjoy different things generally...and that we don't need to be perfectly equal at everything...

I affirm life and life affirms me

Every bit of suffering has been to teach me, and help me appreciate the opposite

On November 26, 2020, Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly was detained for contuining to operate his business against the Toronto *lockdown* rules. However, Costo, Walmart, and other major chains continue to operate. Why? Because they want small business done, they don't want you creating your own living...they don't want you succeeding...they want you in debt...
The debt they will eventually *buy out* return for ownership...this is literally the state seizing our assets. comply or be detained....darkness upon us...

Why I Will Decline the COVID Vaccine
First, I ask, do you really think the government has your best interest at heart? Or do you think there is a certain agenda at play?
Second, do you honestly think big pharma is good? That they are looking out for your health? Who owns big pharma?? Who made the vaccines??
Have you really paid attention to what is going on? How they are prepping for the new age?
Have you heard them speak of the *problem* of overpopulation?
Have you seen what the CDC puts in vaccines? CDC Ingredients
Have you seen the videos of using vaccines to turn people atheist? Pentagon Vaccine
Have you seen a vaccine that uses mRNA?
Do you even understand what mRNA is? What it can do?
Have you seen a vaccine that is produced in under a year?
Have you seen a vaccine for a virus that hasn’t been isolated?
Do you trust a vaccine when neuroscientists argue they overload our immune system? Dr. Blaylock Immunoexcitotoxicity
Do you trust the fact that autism never existed in the Philippines before vaccines?
Do you think it’s possible they are trying to kill us off through radiation, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the medication we’re prescribed, the vaccine’s we’re shot with?
do you understand that viruses aren't spread, that germs are a myth, that vaccines are ultimately useless? Why don't we ever hear advice on boosting our immune system? On making us healthy? Why give us a vaccine as a *bandaid* for a *virus*, which is really just a reaction of the body from being poisoned. And the cell towers are probably the poison. Sounds good m8 injecting metals to improve your connection to the signals.
Do you think they want the world to themselves under Lucifer?
Do you understand the people in charge call you goyim cattle?
Do you think going with the herd is smart?
I could go on endlessly.

terrain theory over germ theory. viruses don't spread person to person. they've shown sneezing into a bag and putting the bag over someone else does nothing. they've shown that viruses are reactions to your body being poisoned. it all depends on the quality of water in your cells. this is why you need to drink distilled water. it is the most necessary thing to prevent disease/suffering! we are bombarded by waves all the time and they are poisoning us. drink clean water and eat healthy to try and fend off the damage. seriously. distilled water is probably the best thing you can do to prevent illness. watch this video for a bit more detail: you can't catch a virus, masks are a scam, covid is a scam, 5g is messing us up dude also another great resource on the myth of germ theory

I should put this in right now. I likely need to edit some of my articles and poems. I have realized that the body of Christ, as in those who are truly saved by the Lord, will be caught up before the age of Lucifer, aka the Antichrist. The rapture will happen before Zeus, before the age of Aquarius. The US government already has a plan to cover up the multitudes of people disappearing, project blue beam. I think they will say that people have been abducted by aliens, rather than admitting Christ took them away. They can't let their narrative fall apart. But the Bible states that the saved are gone before the antichrist. The saved are gone before the mark of the beast.

only God can save you. God is Jesus Christ. You have to ask to be saved. Understand you sin daily. That you do not deserve heaven. Everyone lives for themselves. We are all selfish. We all work for ourselves, to have money to keep ourselves alive. Sure, we all help other people too, and do good things. But on the daily, we are all ultimately selfish. We have all sinned. Sworn, done drugs, gotten drunk, had pre-marital sex, watched porn/jerking off, had sinful thoughts, lied, manipulated, eaten rotten food, contributed to rotten businesses, seriously....We all sin every single day. And if you do not realize this, you are not with God. God's grace and love saves you. Because you have faith in Him and not in yourself. Because you gave up your righteousness. None of us are good people. Humans can not, and will not save the world. Only God can. His grace is unmatched. It's like being found guilty...but the punishment is being let go AND you get rewards. Seriously. God is so great. You take him and he will take you.

Is Elon Musk the antichrist? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, he is Luciferian to the core. He is a great deceiver. The car company tesla mocks the name, as batteries are the furthest technology away from Tesla's tech. SpaceX is fake. Now, most importantly...his neuralink seems like the mark of the beast.
Revelation 13: 16-17 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
What is the goal of Lucifer? To sit on the throne of God, achieving immortality. What is the goal of neuralink? Connect to the AI/computer system and achieve immortality. Where is the neuralink placed? In the forehead. See the connection? Makes me think.

mortgage = mort/gage
translate to french: mort = death, gage = pledge
mortgage = death pledge