How I Got Saved

Growing up I was unsure of the existence of God. In grade eight we had to share our religion in social studies, and I claimed atheist. In grade eleven we had to do the same, and I claimed agnostic. However, in 2016 I tried psilocybin mushrooms for the first time. It was an extremely profound experience, and for a few moments I was able to see *beyond* space-time to an extent. To put it shortly, I saw that we are all connected in some way. From there on, I believed in *god* in the sense that I knew there was more. I just didn't know exactly what the *more* was.

I began to see *God* in every day life. Synchronicities, karma, everything seeming to happen for some reason or another. Something as abstract as this is tough to put into words, but I definitely *saw* *it*. I began to feel that free will was an illusion, and absolute determinism was hard fact, all under the algorithm of *God*. Still, in these times I was unsure of what God was besides connectedness. I guess I was more into the binary zeros and ones theory, that being the simulation/computer theory (although still a theory, to me, possibly compatible with Christianity). I had not made the true leap.

My belief in *God* (I use the stars because this is still my belief in God outside of Christ, more as a simulation) strengthened when I began to learn of quantum mechanics and physics. In short, I learned that everything is energy. This is why we have measurable sound waves, light waves, brain waves etc. Diving deeper into this topic led me towards the Planck limit, and how frequencies in time-space operate between two *stops*. You see, to have time you need to have a frequency limitation, or there would be no reference points. Without the Planck limit, the frequencies would shoot up and down infinitely, with no oscillation, therefore no reference points. Nonetheless, quantum mechanics implies the existence higher demensions, of the infinite, and God. Interestingly, we have the ability to set our brainwaves outside of these limits, through REM sleep, meditation, drugs...this is why I *saw* God on mushrooms. My brainwaves were operating at a frequency higher than normal, and I was able to see behind the veil to some extent. The greatest takeaway from learning this, however, was that the limits are set, and logically they have to be set by something or someone. Ancient philosopher Aristotle knew this and supposed the existence of what he called the Unmoved Mover. I personally made the connection to mythology, to archetypes, and to the concept of *Father Time*. So, I asked simply, who is Father Time and what importance does he have?

At this time I already knew some mythology and understood that in ancient Greece, Cronus was considered father time (the greek word chronos literally translates to time). I understood that in Rome, Cronus became Saturn, and in Christianity he is known as Satan. Father Time is essentially god of this world (not infinite God), and this is confirmed in the Bible (2 Corinthians 4:4). It makes sense why time revolves around the number six; 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours (2+4=6) in a day... Lucifer is the second half of Satan but not important for the sake of this essay. Satan was the one who tricked us into leaving the garden, and now we live in his playground. We are basically in a test right now to see through the illusion of Satan/Lucifer. Now, understanding that Satan is god of this world, I began to see his influence everywhere. Saturn worship, black cube worship, Satan/Lucifer worship/symbiology is everywhere. The eye of Horus, aka the eye of Lucifer, is present on the U.S dollar (also present in the Joe Rogan logo). The Vatican is full of Satanist art. Corporate logos commonly represent 666 if you pay attention. This led me to learn about the occult and freemasonry, and came to know that the highest people in power worship Satan/Lucifer, and almost nobody knows, even though it's right in front of our faces! What is most important to me, however, is the *new age* belief that we are gods and can derive our own knowledge of good and evil, exactly what the serpent tried to tell us in Genesis! Without a doubt in my mind, Satan/Lucifer is god of this world.

With the idea that Satan is god of this world, I began to connect this to my learnings of astrology. As we leave the age of Pisces (known to Christians as the Church Age), we see Christianity dying and Satan/Lucifer taking full control. This is obviously happening right now, as Christianity is considered by most to be a lie. Even the churches themselves are a lie, but that doesn't take away from the word of God himself, present in the Bible. What is most beautiful is that the church age ends with the rapture. The next age, Aquarius to the astrologer, is the age of spiritual enlightenment and the push to become gods in our own right, at least before God's wrath and rebuild. Essentially, Satan/Lucifer will trick the world into thinking we can know all good and evil through enlightenment, just like Genesis. The goal of Luficer is to "exalt [his] throne above the stars of God" (Isaiah 14 KJV). To summarize, the Luciferians think they can become god-like enough to will the timeline away from the infinite God, and avoid another Noah's arc. Around this time I heavily started looking into the Bible super heavy and it is impossible to ignore how much truth is in that book. More truth than a human can comprehend. Sure enough, the book describes exactly what I see happening right now. It describes how Satan is god of this world, how the world goes down a dark path, Christianity dying, and moving towards the age of the mark of the beast. It describes how we will move to a one world government, a one world religion, a one world monetary system...all things we are moving towards right now. The Bible speaks of the origin myths, connecting it to Ancient Egypt/Greece...also how Satan/Lucifer is two parts of a whole which I describe in my other essays. I understood that the infinite exists, that mythology is real and Satan is god of this world, that all higher ups in this world are evil and products of the devil (so very openly, I might add), that even astrology lines up with the Bible, and so I realized that the Bible is the true word of God, and Jesus is Lord.

I am no good person. I have lied, cheated, fornicated, shown lust, sworn, been envious, jealous, arrogant etc etc etc...I have realized how rotten this world is. How it is literally upside down world, just as the devil wants. So many people realize the world is messed up but can't figure out why, even though it's so obvious! The devil has the world brainwashed into the material, and even though they realize it's a scam, they can't figure out how or what or why, because they are lost! They don't have God! The most important thing you can do on this earth right now is get saved by the blood of the holy, righteous Jesus Christ. Salvation and eternal life is a free gift from God. God is the only one who made a blood sacrifice for you, to pay for your inequities. You may not have tomorrow or even 15 minutes from now. Please, get saved. Hell is forever. By admitting I have sinned against God, many times and will continue to do so, that Jesus died for my sins, shed his blood on the cross and resurrected, confessing this with my mouth and asking for salvation, placing my wholly faith and spirit in Jesus, he saved me. I know that I am saved through his grace and his grace alone. I am a born again Christian. I am not the same person I was as a lost man because Christ owns my soul and the holy spirit dwelleth in my body. This world is a test of faith. We live in Satan's world and Satan wants us to be on his side. However, God will make things right no matter what. He will reign on this earth, physically. The rapture is coming. The antichrist is coming. A new earth is coming. These luciferian people are delusional in thinking that they can become god-like enough to shift the timeline to avoid God. I hope you can see the truth yourself too. The truth is as beautiful as it gets. I am so thankful, and full of hope thanks to God. I can't even put it into words. His grace is unmatched.

Romans 10: 9-10 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."